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Gender: Male
Favorite Pokémon: Flygons and Ponytas, because who doesn't like firey horses :D?
Friend Codes: Flygawne (3DS) 4656-7000-4021

Empty space to say hello and welcome to my wall
About me: Hello, I'm just a peaceful-ish Demonic Flygawne who likes Nuzlockes and breeding pokemon for competitive teams c:

If you want to become a Roleplay Demon please ask. I'll let you know if you can fulfill that dream of strength

My Roleplay team currently has 5 pokemon... it's/their Description(s) will be posted below

Dusk- A strong yet Silent Dusknoir, who doesn't seem to enjoy anything in particular. I caught him in Hell. @Dusk Ball

Manny- A shy gentlemen Piloswine, who is more of a pacifist. He was a Swinub that evolved at the bottom of a hot spring @Dive Ball

Alex - A rather anorexic Swalot who loves naps. Maybe he doesn't eat much because he never uses the energy he consumes by swallowing his foes... imeanwut. I caught him in tall grass as a Gulpin @Nest Ball

Scizana - A sassy Scissor who only cares about herself, and how shiny her pincers are. She has her own beauty salon. I caught her after Manny used ancient power on a scyther @Luxury ball (she wouldn't accept anything else)

Titan - A rather large Loudred who loves to make chaos wherever he goes by shooting sound waves in no where in particular. Yep, he loves the spot light. I caught him searching for a car. @Heavy Ball

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nice to hear 'bout the new arrivals thanks for keepin' me posted
Mar 18 by Salamaster13
I finished the story! go and read it! (I hope I don't get banned)
Mar 10 by DEOXYS123
33 answers, with 7 chosen as best.
I'm so smrt :D!
Mar 10 by DemonFlygawne
*curtsies to Demon*
Mar 6 by Poke'slash
Arrow, best show ever
Mar 6 by gengarchomp
Mar 2 by dia-sama
u freind me.
Feb 28 by DEOXYS123
i guess not
Feb 28 by DEOXYS123
u gonna battle or not?
Feb 28 by DEOXYS123