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Gender: Mars
Country: Hoenn
Favorite Pokémon: Flygon and Rapidash, because who doesn't like fiery unicorns :D?
Friend Codes: Flygawne (3DS) 4656-7000-4021

SapphireDiancie made my pic :O
About me: I'll actually put in an About Me when school starts, right now I'll only have RP information!

My Roleplay Pokemon team

based off of IRL likelihood
easier pokemon to train will be of higher level
Unlikely to have rare pokemon
Impossible to have legendaries
Preferences of Special attack
Unless it's just that darn cute
Or useful for other purposes

Tangela 5
Docile Male

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Silver's trying to revive the gigaplex, so I'm posting on the ol' gang's walls to make them come back. So yeah, uh... come back?
1 hour ago by Erapidash
My new RP team will be entirely based off of how chat flows and how the pokemon will be in IRL

Unlikely to have rare pokemon
Impossible to have legendaries
Probably high special attack preference
Unless it's just that darn cute
Or useful for other purposes

My starter is a level 5 male Docile Tangela with chlorophyll called Tangles.
21 hours ago by DemonFlygawne
Bidoof, 252 Special Defense/252 HP/4 Speed
2 days ago by Scare-Wolf
252 Attack,  52 HP,  204 Speed
2 days ago by Scare-Wolf
Today, I played too much CoD: Zombies.

All I can hear is lasers and explosions right now.... And it sounds awesome when 5000 zombies are shouting at once.
Save me.
3 days ago by DemonFlygawne
sorry for the loss man. I lost my aunt 3 months ago. Again, sorry for the loss.
5 days ago by DEOXYS123
Sorry for the loss, mate.
6 days ago by Diligent Digi-Egg
And then my grandfather died ._. Funeral is tomorrow.

Ever notice the word "fun" in funeral? That can't be right.
Jul 22 by DemonFlygawne
MY PARENTS GAVE ME A SURPRISE VACATION TO KENTUCKY Q-Q we didn't even get fried chicken!

Jul 19 by DemonFlygawne
Jul 13 by Silverdragon :D