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Gender: Male
Favorite Pokémon: Flygons
Friend Codes: Flygawne (3DS) 4656-7000-4021

Empty space to say hello and welcome to my wall
About me: Hello, I'm just a peaceful-ish Demonic Flygawne who likes Nuzlockes and breeding pokemon for competitive teams c:

If you want to become a Roleplay Demon please ask. I'll let you know if you can fulfill that dream of strength

My Roleplay team currently has 5 pokemon... their Descriptions will be posted here -V

Dusk- A strong yet Silent Dusknoir, who doesn't seem to enjoy anything in particular. I caught him in Hell.

Hauntella- A gengar that just LOVES spooky places and humanoid things, Caught on route 14 during the time of the First Nuzlocke she found true love in my IRL Rival's Gengar, Hauntfella. She is also a Demon pokemon, a Demon Gengar of the Uber's Class who is second to the Demon Smeargle, Code-x.
She recently got hold of one of the machine I made for Moon and turned herself into a sexy pokemorph 0w0

Rhy- A Stupid Rhyperior. While he can't do 2+2 he can find out how to throw a boulder and have it land at just the right angle so that it crushes anyone beneath it completely and utterly. Looks up to Dusk as if Dusk was his father. Dislikes Hauntella's new form.

Ampha- A very Modest and slightly chubby Ampharos, loves to be clever and pull pranks at the perfect time. Kinda like the spitting image of me, but an electric type. Seems to get along well with everyone.

Panther: A pink Liepard that is an absolute kitten. 100% docile and carefree. Has a move called Giga Beam which is a normal type move with a base power of over 9,000. takes a turn to charge then recharge.

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Meh. I think those Durant caused me too use to overheat, and now I have a fever.. (You know, the picnic, and seriously!)
Apr 10 by Є⚡️ҿʗτɾιɖąՏի02☀
Hey, haven't chatted with you in a long time. How have you been?
Mar 30 by Dat Puff~
Ooh... um... sorry for bringing that up... :s
Mar 30 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Are you and Candy like... 'together' and stuff still? :o
Mar 29 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Demon, candy is leaving. She isn't mad at you, did you even see her departing statement?

If you didn't, here:
Mar 28 by Le Scraf
Mar 25 by candy
:o Panther's part of your team?!
Mar 23 by MeowingHorse
Gawne please come back to Punkermonz we miss you =,C
Mar 21 by HelloBloon
Yay! RIP Nuzlocke!
Mar 17 by Esuicune