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Can I avoid infinite-accuracy attacks throughout Pokémon-Amie ?

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Hello folks!

So I was wondering: My Greninja keeps on avoiding Cross Chop from Siebold's Barbaracle, which is a good thing; but it cannot avoid Aerial Ace and Aura Sphere. I've raised its heart in Pokémon-Amie to the maximum, as I did for each Pokémon in my party. Will I ever avoid that **** Clawitzer's Aura Sphere with my affection, or Pokémon-Amie doesn't do anything here ?

Thanks in advance ^^
btw, Happy New Year :)

asked Jan 1, 2014 by ItsGuillotine

2 Answers

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No, moves such as Aerial Ace will always hit as they do not calculate evasion or accuracy, including the boosts given by Amie.

Sources: Experience and here

Also, Happy New Year to you too :)

answered Jan 1, 2014 by Ion
selected 2 days ago by ItsGuillotine
Thanks ;)
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No,you cannot.

Source:Experience and there are no website that says this kind of thing.

answered Jan 1, 2014 by ZekromMaster
Okay. Guess I will never avoid that huge loss of HP. Thanks, anyway.