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If Smeargle used the move sketch on sketch, would the move fail?

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I know that smeargle can use sketch on almost all moves, but if it was up against another smeargle and used sketch on that smeargle's sketch, would the move fail, or would it not change anything?

asked Jan 5, 2014 by aurora_the_lucario
That would actually be a funny endless battle, constantly regaining your only move.
if you "COULD"
Lol BouncingMagikarp

1 Answer

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Sketch would fail.

Fails if the target has not made a move, if the user has Transformed, or if the move is Chatter, Sketch, Struggle, or any move the user knows.


answered Jan 5, 2014 by ƒιzz
selected Jan 5, 2014 by aurora_the_lucario
Thank you Fizz!
No problem! :)