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What are all of the animals some pokemon are based on, like pikachu is a rat/mouse?

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Also like yanmega is based of a dragonflly ekans and arbok are snakes poocheyena and growlithe are dogs Arcanine is one o those lion dogs what are some more

asked Dec 25, 2010 by Ike,Lloyd Irving
edited Dec 26, 2010 by Pokemaster
Man, learn how to write
It's a little ridiculous to expect someone to list every single pokemon with the animal they're based on! Ask about specific pokemon if you're not sure, but not all of them!

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You can see what animal or thing a pokemon is based off of, as well as an origin for its name by going to bulbapedia and looking up that pokemon's for the "pikachu" like pokemon, there is:

Pikachu-obviously, and all the pokemon in its chain.
plusle/minun-the hoenn equivalent.
Pacharishu-The sinnoh version.

-please note that my answer doesn't include the B/W pokemon.

answered Dec 25, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
I think he noted Pikachu as an example
As was I, but the first part of my sentence says that they can all be found on Bulbapedia.
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Actually, I think most pokemon are but here is a list of chains:
Charmender - Salamander (Later on Lizard)
Squirtle - Turtle
(all bug-types are bugs)
Pidgey - Bird
Rattata - Rat
Spearow - Bird
Ekans - Snake
Pikachu - Mouse
Sandshrew - Mouse
Vulpix - Fox
Zubat - Bat
Digglet - Mole
Meowth - Cat
Psyduck - Duck
Mankey - Pig/Monkey
Growlith - Dog
Polywag - Tadpole (A feline frog)
Tentacool - Jellyfish
Ponyta - Horse
Slowpoke - Salamander
Farfetch'd - Bird
Dodou - Ostrich
Seel - Sea Lion
Shellder - Shellfish
Onix - Snake
Krabby - Crab
Cubone - Dinosaur
Lickitung - Chameleon
Rhyhorn - Rhinoceros
Horsea - Sea Horse
Goldeen - Fish
Staryu - Starfish
Tauros - Bull
Magikarp - Fish
Lapras - Loch Ness Monster
Eevee - Cat/Fox
Aerodactyl - Pterodactyl
Legendary Birds - Birds (How surprising!)
Dratini - Dragon

Thats it for Gen. 1. You can see a lot of pokemon Look like animals from real life. I might do it for other generations but its not easy at all...

answered Dec 25, 2010 by NJDevil
edited Dec 27, 2010 by NJDevil
Your animals that you put for the pokemon are not right.
Oddish is onion :D
Who's not right?
Charmander is a salamander
Lapras is not a sea turtle
Slowpoke is not a salamander
I doubt lickitung is a chameleon,kecleon is
You forgot bulbasaur
And cubone is definately not a dinosaur!
I'm sorry if this offends you but its the truth.
Also poliwag is a tadpole, not a frog
Are you sure? please look in bulbapedia.
Yea,I'm sure guys do know that a tadpole is a baby frog right? Another name for a tadpole is a Pollywog, where Poliwag comes from.
PokmemonBlack, Please check yourself in Bulbapedia, I beg you.
NJDevil can't you read? It says right on the bulbapedia page, "Poliwag is based on a tadpole"
Isn't a tadpole a young frog? And BTW, Slowpoke IS a salamander! If not, I'm sorry that I was wrong... And I can read!
@Darth Destiny lol.So, then bulbasaur is a cabbage with legs.Also parasect is a hermit crab with a mushroom, instead of a shell