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How do hidden abilities work?

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According to the website, some Pokemon have hidden abilities, such as greninja having the hidden ability protean, but then when I use greninja it doesn't do that and then when I did an online battle the opposing greninja could do it, so i'm confused... how does it work?

asked Jan 17, 2014 by MCTScizoriteX
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In order to have something, you must get it from some source or something. You can't just have. That just is a giant slap in the face to logic, and only video games can do that.

What I mean here is that you first must catch a Pokemon with a hidden ability to have its hidden ability.

Hidden Ability Pokemon can be caught from Horde Battles and the Friend Safari in X & Y (not guaranteed, but there is a chance), and the Dream World (R.I.P. :( ) and Nature Preserve/Hidden Grottoes in Generation 5.

What is a hidden ability?

A hidden ability is a potential third ability a Pokemon can obtain by certain means only in Generation 5 and above. This means some Pokemon have Hidden Abilities, and some do not. Some hidden abilities can also not even be obtained, but are in the coding. For example:

Serperior: Contrary - Not Available
Camerupt: Anger Point - Available thru Friend Safari
Aegislash: ??? - Doesn't have a Hidden Ability

How do I get a hidden ability?

As stated before, you must have the Hidden Ability when the Pokemon is captured. Otherwise, that Pokemon doesn't have its hidden ability.

Say you want a Effect Spore Vileplume. Kewl! First, you must capture a Oddish/Gloom from the Friend Safari with its hidden ability (Run Away or Stench respectively). For Gloom's stench, you can keep using physical attacks on it. If you flinch, it has Stench. You can then evolve that into a Effect Spore Vileplume.

Same with that Greninja you're itching for. Catch a Frogadier in the Friend Safari. See if its attacks change type when it attacks. If they do, then catch yourself the Protean Frogadier and evolve it into that Greninja!

Source: Experience

answered Jan 17, 2014 by Le Scraf
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Tyrantrum does have a Hidden Ability, Rock Head, it just isn't obtainable yet.
Could have sworn I edited that to Aegislash
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Your Greninja isn't having the effects of the ability Protean because it doesn't have the ability (its ability is Torrent). That Greninja you faced did have the ability Protean (and not Torrent), so it had the effects of Protean.

The starter Froakie you get at the beginning of the game will always have Torrent, meaning the Greninja it evolves into will have Torrent as well. To get a Protean Greninja, you must capture a Frogadier from the Water-type Friend Safari or trade for it.

For more information on hidden abilities and how they work, see this article on Bulbapedia.

answered Jan 17, 2014 by ƒιzz
Ok. Thanks for that, I was kind of wondering what that person said on how "pokemon in hordes can have rare abilities". Also I just got a water friend safari, so now I something to look forward to doing.
No problem :D
btw you aren't guaranteed to get a Frogadier in your Safari. If you are lucky though, you'll be able to evolve a Hidden Ability Frogadier.