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Scizor stats change in level 100?

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I leveled up my Scizor to lvl 50 and I'm pretty sure that it had 178 attack stat.After leveling him up to 100 I took it to Battle maison to battle in the Single battles.When his level was reduced to 50,his attack stat jumped from 178 to 198! How did this happen?

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1 Answer

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Couple of possibilities:

  1. Scizor gained Attack EVs after reaching level 50. The Battle Maison does not revert your Pokemon's stats to what they were when they were level 50, but reverts them to what they would be if your Pokemon had its current set of EVs at that time.
  2. You remembered it wrong, or you read it wrong. You might have been reading Mega Scizor's stats in the Battle Maison, and it that is the case, if you were reading normal Scizor's stats back when it really was level 50, the numbers would be different due to Mega Scizor's higher Attack stat.
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