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Why does it actually show Laparas's head in surf?

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In my X (and most probably Y as well), I took the Laparas from the guy on route twelve, but when I surf, it actually hows the top of the laparas's head. This hasn't happened with my blastoise, it just shows a dark, fat figure under the water. Is there a reason for this?

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Lapras is a Pokemon well known for transporting humans across the ocean, so possibly Game Freak felt like it would be a nice touch to include a special animation for Lapras while surfing.

They might do something like this for other Pokemon in the future.

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It is likely to be a little perk unique to the Pokémon lapras has been seen many time to be significant and taking people across water, being in reds team and in Pokémon md explorers it is probably due to the same reason why Pikachu is the only Pokémon to say its name: to much effort to do to every thing so only gave it on one Pokémon of there choice. It is also very easy to get now. This is a theory. Hope this is sufficient.

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