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What are the best Pokemon in each stat?

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Can you give me a list of all the pokemon which are the best in each stat from each type category.

P.S. excluding legendary.

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I think this was asked before, but it's spread out into several questions. Rather than exclude the legendary, I'll give the best stat for the best legendary and the best nonlegendary. Also, B=Base, and M=Max stat.

HP - Blissey (B=255, M=714) / Giratina (B=150, M=504)

Attack - Rampardos (B=165,M=471) / Deoxys-A (B=180, M=504)

Defense - Shuckle (B=230, M=614) / Regirock (B=200, M=548)

Special Attack - Porygon-Z & Alakazam (B=135, M=405) / Deoxys-A (B=180, M=504)

Special Defense - Shuckle-(B=230, M=614) / Regice (B=200, M=548)

Speed - Ninjask (B=160, M=460) / Deoxys-S (B=180, M=504)

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