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Deoxys event in platinum?

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i heard from a friend that your Mom at some point of the game she gives you a deoxys saying that "a mysterious man gaveit to her to give it to you" is it true? (im pretty sure its a fake cause I never got it but still bugs me)

asked Feb 17, 2014 by megaswifter21
mooch gullible.
what i dont belive him but it still bugs me if its true
Well, there was a Deoxys event in Gen 4, but I'm 99% sure you didn't get it from your mom.
Make sure your friend doesn't see this.
my friend a lost interest in pokemon

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List of all Deoxys events

Event Pokemon are nearly always handed to you by a delivery person in the PKMN centre, not your mum.

answered Feb 17, 2014 by fondant
selected Feb 17, 2014 by megaswifter21