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Where can I get a lightball in SS or Platinum?

2 votes

I've been hunting awhile. I heard something about the mansion backlot place but I don't really know. anything helps! thanks in advance

asked Jan 8, 2011 by MetalGearYoshi

3 Answers

2 votes

In SS and Platinum,you can find it held by wild Pikachu,also in SS you can find in the Pokewalker course The Yellow Forest

answered Jan 8, 2011 by Shxatoap
Don't forget about using thief/covet on Red's pikachu
2 votes

In Platinum go to Trophy garden and catch a LOT of wild pikachu there's a 5% chance that wild pikachu will be holding it.

answered Jan 8, 2011 by Starke
1 vote

The best way is to get a pokemon and either paralyze or put ashes pikachu to sleep, then use thief!!! Thats how I got mine, this is in SS You find him at the top of Mt.Silver!!!
His team is really strong so watch out!!!

answered Jan 8, 2011 by J DOG DE LEGEND