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Mewtwo X or Mewtwo Y?

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What are the pros and cons between them and which is better?

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It depends on a few things: what kind of Pokemon you need on your team(bulky, really fast sweeper,...) and if you need a physical of special attacker more.

It's not that one is just really better than the other, which is the case with most Pokemon you can compare like that, comes down to personal preference and what you need.

The being said, Mewtwo Y is a fast special sweeper while Mewtwo X is a bulkier(still fast) physical attacker and not much is really stopping it from being a sweeper as well.

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Not much in Difference. Its just that both Mega Evolutions have the same Base Stat Total of 780, but there is a difference in the stats. Mewtwo X has balanced totals, yet Mewtwo Y has low Defense but a ridiculously high Attack and Sp. Attack total.

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