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Can't make movies in Pokestar Studios in Pokemon White 2???

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So I load my Pokemon White 2 game, to be greeted with the messages:

"Hall of Fame Data and Pokestar Studios data was erased"
And then I have this baffled look on my face, what?!

I managed to re-battle the elite 4 and the champion and reclaimed my record in the hall of fame, so that's out the way. However, I fly to Pokestar studios to see what happened. I ask the guy with Blonde hair (You know, the guy you talk to start filming a movie). But then he says I can't make a movie and I need to watch the movie I made in the theatre, then I go to the theatre to watch it, but then the receptionist says there aren't any availible movies to show...


I'm horribly stuck, is there a possible resolution to this? I've gone too far into the game to restart DX

asked Mar 23, 2014 by pjj212

1 Answer

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Your game probably has a glitch or something that erased some data. That's the only reason I can give/see for that happening. I personally would stop trying to make movies and whatnot in Pokestar Studios for fear of further corrupting the game.

I know this might not have been much help, but it's all I can give. I've never seen/had this problem before, so sorry if it didn't help

answered Mar 23, 2014 by Doctor Chu