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I need a sixth member for my team.

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I need one more pokemon from 5th gen for this team. Explain why I should have the pokemon as well. My team is Enbuoo (Fire/Fighting), Nattorei(Grass/Steel), Barujina(Dark/Flying), Burungeru(Water/Ghost), and Iwarapress(Bug/Rock).

asked Jan 14, 2011 by KamenRiderKnightEdge

2 Answers

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Yeah, Exadrill is who you need.

Being a Ground / Steel-type, with an incredible ability, excellent Attack, HP, and Speed stats (Good Speed if you choose to use Sand Rush for an ability), but a fairly mediocre movepool. Still, you will not be disappointed with this mole.

Here's a good moveset!

SANDSTORM / SWORDS DANCE (Best not to get cocky and try to set up both. Just choose one)


X-SCISSOR (Very potent attack in Gen V)

ROCK SLIDE (Counter Flying-types perfectly with this!)

answered Jan 15, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~
edited Jul 29, 2011 by Speed freak
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A ground type to cover steel types, since your main steel defensive types are 1 pokemon

answered Jan 14, 2011 by UltimateDarkraiFan