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Why did Ash refuse to capture Dragonite in Best Wishes?

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He was given a chance by Officer Jenny and he turned it down.

asked Apr 9, 2014 by Kid Sonic
I think think the reason is that the anime writers simply didn't want Ash to own such a large or powerful Pokemon, because the show must remain interesting, and that means Ash loses some of his battles.
I have no evidence to back this though, so I'm just commenting.
I don't think Ash even WANTS to become a Pokemon Master. It's just something that comes out of his mouth, like a verbal tic, such as 'ttebayo! He just wants to travel from city to city in one region to another, with random/annoying friends, just to meet random wild Pokemon and COTD's, and forget he ever met them in the next region.

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The show producers wanted iris to have it. This way iris would gain more popularity as a coming dragon master.

answered Apr 9, 2014 by Generekt
She needed MORE popularity?
To be fair, it was her first "powerful" Dragon type (and second Dragon type). So if one will call her a Dragon Master, they might as well train 1 Electric Pokemon up to 100 and say they're the master of Electric Pokemon
Isn't besmirching the main character in every other episode enough for her?