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Is there a list of banned words in Pokemon X and Y?

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I want a list of all banned words in nicknaming, PSS message, etc. on X/Y.

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There is no current list....
people would have to use every single possible combo of letter, numbers, and any other character you could type.
^^that and also, that list would be way too NSFW to be posted on this site
pirate pad and mant other ways such as a link to source could be used

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This is the most updated list I've found on here.
Proceed with caution since you're asking for banned words and is NSFW. The ones highlighted in red are banned and ones in green are fine.

Source: The link above

Hope it helps.

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You cannot name pokemon Hitler or Mussolini but you can name one Hirohito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG
LOL wello, and what does NSFW mean?
Not Safe For Work
It basically means that it contains images or words that would probably get you fired if your boss walked by and saw what you were looking at.
kek Trachy i dont think that's what it means.
it does mean Not Safe For Work but not literally