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What combination of 2 of these types has the best coverage?

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By "best coverage" I mean the most Pokémon they are Super effective on. I am doing this for my Greninja as it has Protean and everything is STAB. The types are:

Water (Move Surf/Waterfall)
Dark (Move Dark Pulse/Night Slash)
Ice (Move Ice Beam)
Grass (Move Grass Knot)
Psychic (Move Extrasensory)
Rock (Move Rock Slide)
Flying (Move Aerial Ace)
Ghost (Move Shadow Sneak)

asked Apr 14, 2014 by Alpha Burn

2 Answers

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As far as I can tell:

Rock & Water

No Effect 0
Not Very Effective 10
Normal Effectiveness 476
Super Effective 288

But Grass/ Rock would give more super effectives as well as more not very effectives.

No Effect 0
Not Very Effective 34
Normal Effectiveness 381
Super Effective 359

If you want a full set then:

Rock Slide
Shadow Sneak
Power-up Punch

No Effect 0
Not Very Effective 0
Normal Effectiveness 277
Super Effective 497

Source - type coverage chart

answered Apr 14, 2014 by fondant
Ew physical greninja
I've seen it work. It depends on your team.
Physical greninja is annoying when it does more than the expected damage when u turning
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First, I would like to tell you, Rock Slide and Aerial Ace are awfully weak, even with STAB. They needn't to be included on a such Pokémon as Greninja. However, I counted them while searching, and found out that the combination Grass/Rock has the most Supereffective hits, scoring 327 Pokémon hardly hit. However, you will hardly see Rock Slide and Grass Knot on the frog, anyway, and a least abnormal set would involve Ice Beam, Surf, Dark Pulse and U-Turn together. but if you want to play the supereffective key, go for HP {FIRE}, Surf, Grass Knot and Ice Beam and you'll score 444 Super Effectives. Furthermore? There is Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Power-Up Punch and HP {GROUND} which is simply awful but scores 528 Supereffective, but I strongly not recommend it.
I hope this helps.

~ Sincerely yours, Blitz.

answered Apr 14, 2014 by ItsGuillotine
Thanks for the effort, but I was only asking for 2 types as my other two moves, Spikes and U-Turn, are set. Probably should've mention that.
Your short answer is Grass/Rock.