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Does selfdestruct or explosion ever miss?

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I don't know... If you use an accuracy reducing move (like smokescreen or sand attack) or an evasion move (like double team) until it won't go higher again and your opponent use explosion, can it miss?

asked Jun 13, 2010 by Wobbuffet33
edited Jun 13, 2010 by Pokemaster

4 Answers

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I'd believe it does because once when I was playing Pokemon Stadium for N64 I had two Pokemon , my opponent only had one so I thought to myself: Hey this Pokemon can do Selfdestruct! Back then I too thought that selfdestruct but you know what back then I always thought selfdestruct always killed the opponent and you. So I used it and it(drumroll) M-I-S-S-E-D! And in the end I lost the battle because my strongest pokemon died on account of a failed selfdestruct. So sorry for making you wait for your answer. The answer is yes it does.

answered Jun 13, 2010 by ando12
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Yes, it can miss if the opponent has increased evasion or used protect.

answered Jun 13, 2010 by Mewthree
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Yes it can miss because in my Platinum I think it was in my re-match against Fantina when her Drifblim used Explosion against my Staraptor and I used Fly my Staraptor avoided the attack which won me the match.

answered Jun 25, 2010 by Austin
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of course when i was training my garchomp against a gravler i used dig and selfdestruct and it died and i took no damage

answered Jun 13, 2010 by Speed freak