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Could a Pokemon with Magic Bounce "bounce" moves/statuses they would otherwise be naturally immune to?

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For example, If a fire/poison/electric/grass type had magic bounce, would will-o-wisp/toxic/thunder wave/powder moves be bounced?

asked Jun 9, 2014 by Dudeicolo

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Considering no Pokemon with Magic Bounce possesses the ability to absorb a status move (Xatu, Espeon, MAbsol), there is no real answer. However, the mechanics dictate from this battle that the status moves are bounced anyway.

answered Jun 9, 2014 by melcakes
edited Jun 9, 2014 by melcakes
No, but Fire Types can learn Magic Coat, which is the same thing but in a move.
So can Ground Types.
And Grass Types.
And Steel Types.