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Is it true if you get a ditto from a different country, will you have an increased chance of hatching a shiny?

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I've been trying to get a ditto from a different country by using the GTS to hatch shinies. I want to know if my question is true so I can keep trying to get a ditto.

asked Jun 11 by PoliMath
Im not sure actually. it might be if it follows the masuda method rules, but ditto is something in its own class

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If you breed it with a Pokemon from a different country, then yes, it will have increased chance of being shiny. Masuda Method applies to all Pokemon, and Ditto is not accounted differently.

Source: My shiny Flygon and Venipede were both hatched by a Japanese Ditto.

Hope I helped!

answered Jun 11 by Fated Fathom ♠
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Yes, you are correct.

And by breeding a Ditto with a Pokemon from a foreign Country, you are using a method called the Masuda Method.

By doing this, your chances of hatching a shiny Pokemon go from 1/8192, to 1/1365.

I hope this helped!

answered Jun 13 by aurora_the_lucario
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