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What is the most effective status move for Prankster Thundurus in White?

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I'm combining Thundurus with Excadrill for Battle Subway Double Battles, and I'm wondering what the most effective status move of Thundurus is for Prankster ability?

asked Jul 23, 2014 by Magicknight94
edited Jul 23, 2014 by Sempiternus

3 Answers

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Thunder Wave and Nasty Plot.

Thunder Wave to make sure your attacking moves will outspeed and Nasty Plot to make said attacking moves extra powerful.

Hope I helped.

answered Jul 23, 2014 by Sir Terlor
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As a special note, T-wave and Nasty plot are effective as mentioned, but I might also vouch for Taunt.
Taunt is one of the most common moves with Thundurus, as it is the second fastest user of Prankster (just about falling short of Whimsicott), being one of the bulkiest users as well (without item support), and can stop many Pokemon, such as hazard setters, clerics and other Prankster users cold.

That was one of the main points on Taunt Thundurus, but many of them utilize Substitute fairly well as well.
In the end it falls down to what you need and not the best move in my opinion.

Hope I helped!

answered Jul 23, 2014 by Qwerty_Zoom
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I'd say Nasty Plot is most effective. You already have a high Special Attack, so why don't you use Nasty Plot to boost it even further. There is also Charge, which boosts your Special Defense and the power of your next Electric-Type attack. Hope I helped!

answered Jul 23, 2014 by Almighty Derpados