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How can you catch Sudowoodo in Emerald at the Battle Frontier?

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asked Jun 14, 2010 by Axcelerator1102
edited Aug 6, 2011 by Pokemaster

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Try watering it with the wailmer pail. If you do this, it will attack. It is at level 40 and is pretty strong. Weaken it and do what ever you do to catch wild pokemon and start throwing Ultra Balls.

answered Jun 14, 2010 by Swampert
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it's simple
when you have the wailmer pail go to the tree, the old lady was claiming to be moving, water it with the wailmer pail and it will attack you,it is lv.40 and quite strong. .it is a rock-type, so use water,grass,fighting and steel-type moves to weaken it

save before you face it

hope this helps

answered Jun 15, 2010 by altagrave08
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You have to wter it with a wailmer pail and it will attack at level 40. To get the wailmer pail, you have to go to route 104 in the flower shop, talk to a person and will give you one.

answered Jun 17, 2010 by Halcyonic Falcon