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How do you get Hoothoot or Noctowl to learn Sky Attack?

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I have tried breeding my Noctowl with my Ditto but it didn't work.

asked Feb 14, 2011 by Poke23

2 Answers

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Take your Noctowl to a Move Relearner (like the guy in Pastoria City), you can learn the move there. I think in HG & SS it's in Blackthorn City.

answered Feb 14, 2011 by ShroomTV
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Go to the move tutor in Blackthorn City and bring a Heart Scale so you can re- learn it on Noctowl. Breed a Female Noctowl with a Male Pidgey to get Sky Attack on your Hoothoot.

answered Feb 14, 2011 by &Psychic x