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Is No Guard Machamp with OHKO Moves allowed in Balanced Hackmons?

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Balanced Hackmons a battle type where every Pokemon can have any move and any ability.
In Pokémon Showdown at Balanced Hackmons, is this Machamp allowed?
(Also, any Pokemon can have No Guard, but Machamp is the best for the example.. ofc I would go to Ninjask)

Machamp @Focus Sash
Ability - No Guard
EVs - Who cares?
- Fissure
- Sheer Cold

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1 Answer

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No, it is banned

enter image description here

I tried to enter a battle with a No Guard Fissure Machamp and it said that, so it seems that OHKO moves are banned from Hackmons in general, even without No Guard.

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I figured out.. Thanks!