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Why is Rotom-Wash used alot more than the other Rotom and its forms?

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I just realized on showdown and in game that people use Rotom-Wash alot, why is that?

asked Aug 30 by Kawaii Raichu
Probably because it has only one weakness and 107 in both defenses, gets Pain Split and W-o-W

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The main reason is its great typing. Being Water/Electric it has 5 resistances, 1 immunity and only one weakness with Levitate, and Grass isn't really a common type in OU either. It is also a natural counter to Talonflame and other Pokémon, making it an ideal Pokémon in the current OU meta game. Its Hydro Pump is nothing to laugh at either, checking Heatran, Gliscor and such.

answered Aug 30 by ~Crimson~
selected Aug 30 by Kawaii Raichu
I can think of only two really viable pokemon in OU: Mega Venusaur and Breloom. Charizards carry Solar Beam as well, but overall Grass is not an extremely bad weakness to have.
Amoonguss can work as well :3