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How to get the max ev'd pokemon to a higher level without ev it in another stat ?

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Well I maxd out and ev traind allmost all the pokemon I need for my brand new team but the main problem is the levels since I ev'd all of them since their level 1 they rae maxd out on level 13-17 or I don't need to raise anymore of the stats so I don't know how to train them without harming the ev training

asked Feb 15, 2011 by charizard

2 Answers

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Once your pokemon "max out" or gets 510 EVs, it can't get any more. So if your pokemon have 510 EVs training them against other pokemon won't harm your EV training. The only way you can change your EVs now is with EV reducing berries.

answered Feb 15, 2011 by evee96
selected Aug 11, 2012 by charizard
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Eevee is correct but what would be helpful to you is going to the lady in sunnyshore city/Blackthorn city and she will tell you if your evs are maxed out.

answered Feb 15, 2011 by Speed freak