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What is the max National Pokedex in FireRed without trading?

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I'm at 140 in the National Pokedex in FireRed and have no access to LeafGreen. I know of about another 10 Pokemon that I've yet to catch or evolve into. Most of the ones I've yet to catch are in the Safari region.

asked Mar 1, 2011 by sumowrestler

1 Answer

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Well, if you mean...

How many Pokemon can you catch from the Nat. Dex? - Just all the Pokemon you can catch in FireRed, minus the trade evolutions. In the Nat. Dex, add basic Pokemon from R/S/E, G/S/C, and obviously R/B/Y. Don't forget that there are a few Legends, Rares, and Ancients that you can CATCH from the other games once you get the Nat. Dex. It'd take time to calculate.

In just the FireRed - 144-7 I think... No Gengar, Alakazam, Golem (I feel like I'm forgetting one?), and no game specific pokemon. So assuming you Include mystery gifts, you have Mew, Deoxys... (probably a few more I'm forgetting) as well that you can't get either.

Short Answer - A lot, it'll take time to figure out, but shouldn't be too hard. I have FireRed, and I have almost everything in the Nat. Dex without the trades, so I'll work on figuring it out.

answered Mar 8, 2011 by Caveman5445
I don't have access to the mystery gifts on FireRed due to using a GBA SP.  I still have five in Safaria Zone to capture and they are the 5-6% chance of showing and hard or very hard to catch.  I'm thinking around 150 but the ones I'm really clueless on are the Johto ones.