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Can you catch Sinnoh Pokemon in HG/SS?

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Ive heard rumors about catching Starly in Hg/SS.

asked Mar 2, 2011 by Pok'e Freak 45

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Yes after beating the elite four, you can use the pokégears radio on certain days of the week to catch pokémon from the sinnoh and hoen regions.

If you look for a pokémon's location on your pokédex and its location flashes red instead of yellow you know you need to use the radio. Just select the pokémon music channel and walk through the long grass/cave and a pokemon (depending on the day of the week) from a different region will appear

answered Mar 3, 2011 by ScobyMcCask99
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Yes, you can. For HG, you can catch starly in pewter city by headbutting trees. You can also catch some others too, but I'm not sure which ones or where.

answered Mar 2, 2011 by celebiisbeast
Do you hav 2 hav national dex