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What are all the Pokemon whose Hidden Abilities we know, but are not released?

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All the questions I saw asked about ALL unreleased HAs, not just the ones we know of.

This question is probably kinda confusing so let me give an example:
We know Tyrantrum's hidden ability is Rock Head, and Typhlosion's hidden ability is Flash Fire, but these are both unobtainable through normal circumstances. What are ALL the Pokemon that have this quality?

Contrary Serperior, Reckless Emboar, Shell Armor Samurott, and Adaptability Dragalge are all released as of ORAS. So those don't count.

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I only know serperior's contrary O.o

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Meganium (all leaf guard)
Typhlosion (all flash fire)
Feraligatr (all sheer force)
Raikou (Volt absorb)
Entei (flashfire)
Suicune (water absorb)
Regice (ice body)
Registeel (light metal)
Regirock (sturdy)
Pignite (both thickfat)
Emboar (reckless)
Samurott ( all shell armor)
Tyrunt (sturdy)
Tyrantrum ( Rock head)
Aurorous (both snow warning)
Source: The DB

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Awesome! :D oh and Tepig and Pignite have Thick Fat as their HA rofl
oh yeah >.>
And then now there's gonna be a Rock Head Tyrunt event :P wonder how that's gonna go down... rock head Tyrantrum perhaps?
Yeah, on January 30th HA Tyrunt and Tyrantrum will be official. Head Smash spam, anyone?