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Why are there only 8 PC-boxes?

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There are 18 in Gen 4. Why are there less?

asked Mar 18, 2011 by pullerrush
You're right, I even saw a sign when I was running around in the game one day wit the "Trainer Tips" that the number of boxes of the PC has increased to sixteen, yet I still have eight.

2 Answers

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When you have at least one pokemon in each box, it increases to 16 boxes. After you defeat the E4, then you get 24 boxes.

answered Mar 21, 2011 by MeLona
edited Dec 4, 2011 by Pokemaster
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Because it starts like that in pokemon black and white and the more pokemon you fill up the more boxes you'll have. Like it has eight then sixteen

answered Mar 18, 2011 by Max Rodriguez
There are 8 boxes before E4, 16 after? COOOOOOL