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Good flying type in pokemon white?

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Ok so im thinking of swiching my starter, emboar with a duel type flying, what pokemon should I take?
my team:
and emboar

asked Mar 19, 2011 by simoto4
edited Mar 19, 2011 by simoto4
We'll need the rest of your team.
Ok hold on

4 Answers

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Speedy Offensive Flying:
-Choice Scarf Braviary
-Torandus, Thundurus and Landorus

Bulky Offensive Flying:
-Honchkrow, sort of, it's not actually bulky at all, but it has high HP.

Bulky Defensive Flying:
-Eviolite Pre-evolutions of various flying types, like Murkrow.

And many more, take your pick.

answered Mar 19, 2011 by Nelson Cruz
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I say either a mandibuzz (high defense,Health, and sp.defense) or a bravairy(ha high attack and good speed)

answered Mar 22, 2011 by donel2
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I personally recommend archeops even though its ability is a fall but you could always give it a sitrus berry and what are potions for .
So thanks of its ability you should go with it .
Other then that there is braviary if you want bulky power or unfezant if you are willing to let go of a little power but adding sped.

answered Mar 22, 2011 by Unidentified
A Rest Chesto berry will restore it's health.
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Well, I have an Unfezzant. They have really high Speed and Attack. They're good if you need a powerful hitter.

answered Mar 21, 2011 by MeLona
*Points and laughs.*