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Why did Garchomp's stats change without going up a level?

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Ok, so I Have a pokemon tournement going on this weekend, and im EV training my Adamant Garchomp. I used Berries and got rid of all his SA EVs Right? Then I was training his Speed and.... without him going up a lvl, his speed went up 6 points! Whats going on here?!

P. S. He's lvl 95 with 345 Attack, and 267 Speed. Good or Bad? He was originally In game, so im using berries.

asked Mar 19, 2011 by Swampert
edited Mar 20, 2011 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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From your tag I'm guessing you're playing Platinum, not Black/White? Because in BW your stats are recalculated after every battle, not on level up.

Otherwise, it's possible that because you reduced the special attack the game added the points back in speed as you got them.

Edit: also, did you put Garchomp in the PC during that level? Because if you do that, his stats get recalculated.

answered Mar 20, 2011 by Pokemaster
edited Mar 20, 2011 by Pokemaster
I guess the game added the points back in speed. Thats cool about B/W tho, I didnt know that(yeah, this is plat)
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Did you use Vitamins before you started EV training?
Because Vitamins change stats in front of your eyes (e.g. HP)

answered Mar 19, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam