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How do you unlock rotation battles?

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How do you do it in white?do you beat elite4?

asked Mar 26, 2011 by serpirior71

4 Answers

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In White you get Triple battles. Black gets Rotation battles. The first time you can use these battle modes is in Driftveil City, against a Biker riding back and forth next to the market. He will explain the rules to you, then ask if you want to have one with him. There is at least 1 more with a certain Trainer on Route 7 I believe it was.

As for link play, you may be able to do both from both versions, I'm not sure. I haven't used it at all so I don't know.

answered Mar 27, 2011 by PhailRaptor
1 vote

To play rotation battles you can go play in wifi

there is a few NPC trainers that ask for a rotation battle

but I recommend wifi, try em theyre fun :D

answered Mar 26, 2011 by Jellypizza
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There is a house in Opelucid city that offers rotation battles for black, and tripple battles for white.

answered Mar 27, 2011 by goodyear1102
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In White Forest two people in the "mayor's house" will triple battle battle you and one person on marvolous bridge will ROTATION BATTLE you at least in the White version.

answered Mar 27, 2011 by tankman1017