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Did Ash release Goodra, or leave him somewhere, but still own him?

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In X/Y 873, Ash leaves Goodra to take care of the swamp. Did he release Goodra, or does Ash still officially own Goodra?

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Ash then decides that Goodra should stay behind at its homeland when he saw Goodra happy with its friends and has a tearful goodbye to Ash, hoping to meet again someday.

I'm pretty sure this is the equivalent of releasing a Pokémon. So no, he does not own Goodra anymore.
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well if ash or kenzo  owns goodra's pokeball to prevent some else to capture it, maybe he will return. If a pokemon is released it will have a special different glow when it comes out of its pokebal.
Well on Bulbapedia on the section Ash's Pokémon Goodra is no longer there so I'm guessing he doesn't own it