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Variety or Selective?

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When I restart Pokemon White will it be better to have a lot of pokemon of to just stick with the good ones that I catch and raise up?

asked Mar 29, 2011 by excadrill444

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I agree. To beat the Elite 4 in this game (which I think is the easiest one ever) you only need a couple good people that know moves to counter that elite 4 type. Also, you should probably not have a type that beats it because they will have moves that might surprise you and beat that person.

answered Mar 29, 2011 by Pixelmon
I know I'm your friend and all but, you should give the best answer credit to J98 because I was really just agreeing with him.  Also, points don't matter that much right now so you don't need to select your own answers as best answer to get 30 extra points!
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I always go selective, and then post game, I can catch a few other pokemon. just get two or three really good pokemon and then an HM slave and you should be set :D

answered Mar 29, 2011 by Josh
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I'm one of those trainers that when I see a Pokemon I don't own I NEED to catch it. It helps you out later in the game when you want to challenge the Battle Subway and you want to experiment with different types of Pokemon instead of your main party peeps. The problem I guess is choosing the Pokes you want for battling!

answered Mar 30, 2011 by tommified