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Trainers with wartortle/blastoise in r/b?

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I just got blue, and I have made it my secondary goal to have every Pokemon in the pokedex as at least "seen". But the hardest Pokemon to do this with are the starters. I chose Bulbasaur, my rival has charmander, so I've got those two, and I've already seen squirtle, I just need wartortle and Blastoise. So I'm wondering if there are any ingame trainers with either of those two, and what their location and trainer class is. If you know at least one, then please let me know.

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there is no other trainer in your game. In leafgreen, however, i think there is a girl in victory road with blastoise.I will recheck.

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Instead of listing only trainers that have Wartortle/Blastoise, I will be instead listing all trainers that have starter Pokemon in Red/Blue.

Beauty, Route 15
Jr. Trainer♀, Celadon Gym

Beauty, Route 15
Cooltrainer♀, Celadon Gym
Cooltrainer♂, Victory Road
Jr. Trainer♀, Celadon Gym


Jr. Trainer♂, Route 9
PokéManiac, Rock Tunnel
Super Nerd, Cinnabar Gym

Cooltrainer♂,Victory Road
PokéManiac, Victory Road

Cooltrainer♂, Victory Road

Jr. Trainer♂, Route 6

Cooltrainer♂, Victory Road
Swimmer, Route 21

Cooltrainer♂, Victory Road

Hope this helps!


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It does help, thank you so much!!