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Do pokemon get harder to catch at higher levels?

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Every pokemon has that percentage of catch-rate every time you throw out a pokeball I was wondering if the catch rate lowered if the pokemon you were trying to catch was at a higher level
For Example:
Patrat has a 1/3 chance of catching it at max health does this mean that a level 100 patrat would be just as easy to catch as a level 1 patrat

asked Apr 13, 2011 by EmeraldJunkie

2 Answers

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No, the Pokemon's level does not directly affect whether the Pokemon will be caught. However, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  1. The Level Ball and Nest Ball are affected by levels. Level Ball increases the catch rate if the target Pokemon is a lower level: 2x for lower, 4x for less than half, 8x for less than a quarter. The Nest Ball is (40-level)÷10 times normal rate, i.e. levels 1-10 have 4x rate, 11-20 have 3x, 21-30 have 2x.

  2. The catch rate formula is based on the percentage of HP left. A level 1 Pokemon usually only has 10-20 HP, so even when it is down to 1HP, that's 5-10% HP, not 1%. So a level 1 Pokemon is technically harder to catch than the same level 100 Pokemon!!

EDIT: to clear up confusion, here's a math lesson.
If you take out all the constants like catch rate and bonuses, the catch rate formula is a product of: (3×HPmax - 2×HPcurrent) / 3×HPmax
So if a Pokemon has 1 HP left from a total of 10 HP, that's 0.933.
If a Pokemon has 1 HP left from a total of 100 HP, that's 0.993 which is higher.

answered Apr 13, 2011 by Pokemaster
edited Apr 13, 2011 by Pokemaster
Not true, as you'll see in my answer total HP is a factor in the catch rate so a level 100 Patrat will always be harder to catch...
Trust me, I'm right - it's the percentage of HP. Check your math again - in the formula you DIVIDE by the Pokemon's maximum HP, which means if the Pokemon has a higher max HP, the percentage of HP remaining is lower, therefore they are easier to catch.
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There are four main things that affect the catch rate of a Pokemon:

1) Which Pokemon it is (a Legendary will always be hard to capture, regardless of what you've done to it).

2) Their current HP (why you lower a Pokemon's HP before catching).

3) Any status ailments (e.g. Sleep).

4) The one that answers your question: their total HP. The other three factors alone would mean a level 100 Patrat would be as easy to catch as a level 1 Patrat. However a level 100 Patrat would have far more total HP than a level 1 Patrat, and therefore would be harder to catch. How much of a difference this makes, I don't really know.

answered Apr 13, 2011 by AlexB1001
But catching it at full health would always be the same?