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Is there any way Whimsicott can learn Giga Drain?

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My Whimsicott knows tailwind, hurricane, energy ball, and mega drain. I really want it to know giga drain. How do I do that?

asked Apr 16, 2011 by cranidos1up
edited Apr 16, 2011 by trachy

2 Answers

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Cottonee learns Giga Drain at level 26. But since you have a Whimsicott already, you can't get it to learn Giga Drain.

answered Apr 16, 2011 by trachy
Oh I'm probably going to have to breed it
Good luck!!
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You would need to transfer it to a B2/W2 game, then find the Move Tutor in Humilau City. Talk to him, and scroll down. You'll see the move Giga Drain. If you have at least 10 Yellow Shards, select the move. Then your party will show up. When you see Whimsicott, it will say "ABLE!". THEN it will know the move

Source: Bulbapedia

answered Oct 25, 2012 by StormBorn
reshown Oct 26, 2012 by StormBorn