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When does thunderus appear?

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asked May 2, 2011 by serpirior71

2 Answers

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Well, james mills is right but first you have to go to route 7 and go to that lady's house. There will be a Thunderstorm and when you walk by her house she will come out and take you inside and tell you a story. Then go outside and the thunderstorm will have passed. Go check various bulletin boards until you find out which route has a Thunderstorm. Go to that route and walk in the grass and Thunderous will eventually jump out at you.

Hope this helps =)

answered May 2, 2011 by excadrill444
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You look at the electric bulliton and where it says which route it is in so you go there but you cannot fly there as he will move youll have to becareful as he moves alot

answered May 2, 2011 by james mills