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Chandelure or Volcarona in White?

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I am struggling to find a good fire type in Pokemon White and I think Volcarona and Chandelure are both good and I don't know which won to pick. I have a Lvl. 80 Volcarona and will start training a Litwick if Chandelure is better.

asked May 3, 2011 by 0037574613

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I like both of them, but Volcarona has better stats other than SP. Attack than Chandelure (no offence to mine).

Volcarona has 3 weaknesses, as Chandelure has 5. Although Chandelure has got Fighting and Normal 100% resistances, Stats win out aganist weaknesses though.

Volcarona can learn Fly, which comes in handy as a feild move, and Chandelure learns none.....

On my opinion, Volcarnoa wins out against Chandelure, statistically...

answered May 3, 2011 by ƒιzz
Competitively though, Volcarona loses 50% HP from Stealth Rock :(
Yeah the thing about stealth rock is true and can be a ***** but otherwise Volcarona is the way to go ive just recently got both and rotate em out but id def take Volcarona over Chandlure
volcarona has a big weakness to rock and gets owned by stealth rock plus, you can counter 3 of chandelure's weaknesses with a grass move (energy ball is probably a good idea or, sunny day and solarbeam is also great combo because with sunny day you also get boosted fire moves) and it's pretty obvious to have a ghost type move on so you can counter ghosts.
but really i think both volcarona and chandelure are great, but if you see a dark type, get out of there!
and also, fly is pretty much useless on volcarona if you want to waste all that huge special attack.(unless for in-game moving)
i picked volcarona and now its lv.100 in my party so hard to train it
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I would go with Chadelure. It has one or the best special attack in the game

answered May 3, 2011 by BlackHaxorus
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Im going with Chadelure coz its got the ability flash fire

answered May 4, 2011 by pat471
Yeah, and Volcarona has Flame Body.
they can have both.
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I would personally say that it's your choice. In my opinion though I like to use Chandelure because it has all around decent stats and is very powerful. Chandelure is better for fighting online(I think). And Volcarona is definitely better off in-game(due to it's having able to learn fly and 50% health loss from stealth rock). Either way, I hope you can find one suitable for you to use cheers!

answered Jul 20, 2011 by AleX647
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Though both are awesome, I'd go with
Volcarna for its speed,sp attack,and it can learn fly.

answered May 3, 2011 by xcaliber71
Fly? Fly on Volcarona? LOL
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I THOUGH chandelure was a good pokemon but i got a larvesta and im gonna train it to be a volcarona i choose volcarona cause it learn good move and plus it can learn fly so yea

answered Jul 20, 2011 by sergio centeno
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I wouldn't exactly reccommend fly on Volcarona since his attack is lower than Larvesta's. But I personally love Volcarona. Also, he can raise his stats while Chandelure can't. Volcarona has amazing SP. Defence and speed aswell as SP> Attack. Combined with quiver dance which raises those two along with speed and you have yourself one powerful pokemon! Hope this helps. :)

answered Nov 1, 2011 by GliscorPWNS!