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Super Status Moves?

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What are some good moves that raise statistics drastically? Can some of them be Techinal Machines?

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Swords Dance - Doubles ATK -
Nasty Plot - Doubble Sp ATK -
Amnesia - Doubles Sp DEF -
Iron Defense - Double DEF -
Barrier - Doubles DEF -
Cotton Guard - Raises Defense by 3 stages ( A little more than double )
Agility - Doubles Speed -
Tail-glow - Raises S.Attack by 3 stages ( Prior to Gen V it was only 2 stages )

Those were for single stats.

For multiples....

Quiver Dance - 1 stage of Sp DEF Sp ATK Spd
Shell Smash - 2 stages of Atk Sp Atk and Spd, but lowers Sp Def and Def by 1 stage.
Calm mind - 1 stage of Sp atk and Sp def
Bulk Up -Atk and Def 1 stage each
Work Up - Sp atk and Atk 1 stage each
Cosmic Power - Sp def and def 1 stage each -
StockPile - Def and Sp def 1 stage each, ( This is a weird one, you can use it three times, and you can swallow it or spit it up, with those moves. )
Shift Gear - Spd by 2 stages, and Atk by 1

These are all of the stat moves that raise 2 stages of Stats or More.


Ones that I'm gonna go ahead an put in here, that I missed.

Accupressure Random 2 stages.
Curse Atk and Def + 1 Spd - 1
Dragon Dance Atk and Spd 1 each

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Thanks, dude :)
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Coil attack def accuracy
Shell Smash lowers Defense and Sp Defense only by 1 stage each, not 2.
Tested on PO, and it does it by 2
They fixed it to make it one stage.
Oh, I fixed it on the question to say so then.
You left out Tail-glow.
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Swords Dance-TM
Agility-Not a TM
Amnesia-Not a TM
Nasty Plot-Not a TM
Iron Defence-Not a TM
Dragon Dance-Not a TM
Calm Mind-TM
Accupressure-Not a TM
Curse-Not a TM

Swords Dance raises Attack by two stages
Agility raises Speed by two stages
Amnesia raises SP Defence by two stages
Nasty Plot raises SP Attack by two stages
Iron Defence raises Defence by two stages
Dragon Dance raises Attack and Speed by one stage
Calm Mind raises SP Attack and SP Defence by one stage
Accupressure is random, but raises the chosen stat by two stages

Curse raises Attack and Defence by one stage, but lowers Speed by one stage.

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Calm mind is a tm
Where's Bulk Up?
NJDevil, the question didn't say to list all of them, and Bulk Up isn't as Important as the ones I listed :P