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How to train fast without exp share???

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I have a whole list of pokemon I want to breed but I need them to grow quickly because I don't have the patience

like heres an example how do I train a shiftry quickly because I need him to learn foul play with krookadile
thank you and please answer with detail

asked May 17, 2011 by DrakoRage

7 Answers

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You can use Rare Candies if you have any, but you don't get many throughout the game.

The only other way is to put your low-level Pokemon in first place then switch as soon as you enter battle. If you have the Lucky Egg make the Pokemon hold it for more EXP.

You can find high level Pokemon on Route 12 (double grass) or out the back of the Giant Chasm, in single and double grass. Keep an eye out for shaking grass - you will usually find Audino there who gives you tons of EXP.

A freshly hatched Pokemon will gain 15-20 levels on the first battle. After that it's a little more work.

answered May 17, 2011 by Pokemaster
edited May 17, 2011 by Speed freak
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Teach your baby pokemon protect using TMs and give it a lucky egg and put it 2nd place in your party and put a really really strong pokemon in your 1st place which knows a move like surf or earthquake that hits both enemy at once. Then go to dark tall grass for example in the giant chasm because there the pokemon are over lvl 60.

answered May 17, 2011 by dr_clock
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Lucky egg is totally the way but if your pokemon is really weak and loses every battle then put it in the daycare for a while and when it is tough enough then give it a Lucky egg

answered May 17, 2011 by Kevin485
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The lucky egg will really help but like Kevin485 said: if your pokemon is weak and dies in every battle put it in the daycare and leave it there for a bit and when it is tough enough then you can give it a lucky egg

answered May 17, 2011 by Brand Angel123
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On route 14, just north of Black City/White Forest,there is a small length of road 3 spaces wide and about 15 spaces long, with girl standing on it. Get on your bike and go back and forth on that section of road for about ten seconds, until you see shaking grass. Get off your bike and WALK into the shaking grass. A wild Lv. 46-50 Audino will most likely appear. If you need to switch out to a stronger Pokemon, that's fine, but they're easy enough to take out. This should give you about 5000 or more every time.

Another easy way to get experience is in Nimbasa City. Every day, you can walk onto the courts and stadium and battle people, with Pokemon at around level 65. There should be about ten people there and you can repeat this everyday.

** Added bonus: If you put Pokemon in the daycare before you go looking for wild Audinos, you will get lots of steps to help level up the daycare Pokemon faster.

answered May 20, 2011 by tribute
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Here's my tips, i usually place my weakest pokemon in front and i switch it with the stronger pokemon

answered May 20, 2011 by Elekidkid
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I don't find that getting a Poke to L100 in Black and White takes that much time compared to the old games. I didn't play Gen IV, but the E4's pokemon in B/W are all Level 71+ which gives a whole bunch of exp with a lucky egg. If you got him from a trade, he will get a double boost with a lucky egg, like 8000 exp's a fight. Here's what I usually do each day. I battle the E4 woman in Undella Town. I then battle my rival in victory road, then I fly away and battle the dude at Gamefreak tower. That gives out a lot of exp. Then I beat the E4 a few times and there you go. I fully EV trained and maxed a Chandelure to L100 in about 3-4 hours yesterday. It took a whole lot more time in the original Pokemon Red/Blue. I remember beating the whole E4 back then just to gain a single level.

answered May 20, 2011 by pukacho
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