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I got a Arceus. Now how do you change his form?

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Please help me!!! I have a Arceus but I don't know how to change its form help me

asked May 18, 2011 by Kevin485
retagged Aug 29, 2012

3 Answers

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It changes form depending on what plate it is holding,

Most all of the Arceus plates can be found in the underwater ruins next to undella town, in black and white.

answered May 18, 2011 by Josh
Thank you and I will get right to it
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Just give a plate
eg flame plate, splash plate, etc
type change is based on plate given
it also decides the type of judgement

answered May 18, 2011 by Tysonyoshi
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Arceus has an ability called multitype which can change it's type depending on the plate you give it. So just give it a plate that matches the type you want

answered May 19, 2011 by xcaliber71