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why won't cynthia battle me

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it is summer and all she says is that "every few years all the champions battle eachother" so can i battle her or must i wait until spring. Also can i fight the champions

asked Jun 4, 2011 by Speed freak
Same with me, so Serebii is probably wrong again...

3 Answers

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Well, When it was summer she wouldn't battle me every day, but she did in spring, so I'm guessing that Serebii is just jacked up about their info again, and you Can Only battle in spring.


Wait till Spring!

answered Jun 4, 2011 by Josh
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This is an educated guess but in summer i think that she battles on weekends

answered Jun 5, 2011 by serperior8482
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She always battles me, so i think you must not have completed a certain requirement, and btw, she battles me everyday, in every season, but i battle her after the elite four so..... maybe that is why?

answered Jun 4, 2011 by Moip
There is no requirement for battling Cynthia, and the only possible way to get to Undella Town is after the Elite Four.
Also, are you sure you're allowed to battle her every season?
There are only certain seasons where you get to battle her.