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What is the diffrence bewtween Gastrodon east and west?

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I noticed that more experienced players and stronger trainer uses west more than east.

Besides from being different colors are there stat wise differences and all that?

asked Jun 28, 2011 by Tysonyoshi
thats a very good question!

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Nope, there is no stat wise difference, only color, it just seems that more players like their Slug's Pink.

But to be honest, I pretty much never see experienced players using gastrodon...

answered Jun 28, 2011 by Josh
It's likely because you first see Shellos in the west and they are lower level, so if you have one you probably got it early.
a pink gastrodon
Oh yeah, Furzie.

I'm guessing you were saying that because of my remark to experienced players using Gastrodon, Cynthia isn't an " Experienced Player " Cynthia is a Computer, who could only use Sinnoh pokemon.
Cynthia uses a milotic, from Gen 3. I personally like the blue on better than the pink one. I look cooler.