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Is there any way to get to Giant Chasm Inner Cave after getting kyurem?

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I want to go to giant chasm inner cave again and again to have an EV train for SP.Attack and Giant Chasm have 2 pokemons that give off SP.atack EV (Lunatone and Jynx _2 EV),,,and then come this sentence:

"When you get into the centre of the area, the Giant Chasm flashfreezes and you can gain access to another cave, where the legendary Pokémon, Kyruem, dwells."

OKAY! I already have Kyurem,,,so is there any way to get to giant chasm Inner Cave again??

asked Jul 1, 2011 by Dark"jo"ray

3 Answers

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No. I asked this before, but I cannot find it

answered Jul 1, 2011 by DarthDestiny
sorry if repost,,but i've searching here and cannot find the same question
so, there's no way?
I cannot find it, weird...but I´m sure that you cannot go there again
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You can't go there again on your own game, but if you use entralink to go onto a friends game, you can go there again.

answered May 3, 2012 by Ledgends101
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Sadly, You cannot after you have caught kyurem, ALSO If you fainted it but haven't caught it then go to the Pokemon league challenge the elite 4 AGAIN Then go back to the cave it will be there again. But if you have wifi you can just transfer extralink to a friend's game then go there again. Also, the only purpose of the cave was to find kyurem in it so that's why they put it as a 1 time destination.

answered Dec 3, 2012 by pokestarf
It almost sounds like it's better to NOT catch Kyurem until after you've had your fun with EV/EXP training.