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Pokemon musical appeal- how to get it?

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I rally want to get alot of appeal in a pokemon musical, but I'm not sure how to get it. How do you get to be the best pokemon in the musical?

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When you dress up your pokemon you have to add an object to their arm, and on the bottom screen you will see the object. tap it in order to use it. Examine the times when the computer uses them in order to decide when to use the items.Also certain items will be thrown, twirled or will blink. If your rolling twirling objects are good. If you are jumping items that are thrown are good. if you are bouncing , using blinking objects will work.

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Thanks alot. I'm going to make Victini the ultimate musical actor!!! :D
No problem, although its alittle harder than that. heres how you know you what place you got. First your in first if you are jumping whne it asks you about the musical picture. then , the dude gives comments starting in 4th place then 3rd et cetera
Yeah. I got gardevoir in 1st place once but didnt know how.