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If you level up twice during EV training, do you get double EVs?

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Im EV training an Archen in Attack on Route 1, and i fainted a Pokemon and leveled up twice. i was holding the Power Bracer, so would i get 10 EVs, or just the five?

asked Jul 18, 2011 by Fate Itself

1 Answer

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Level doesn't affect EVs at all.
All of the Power Items give x + 4 EVs, so if that Pokemon gave 1 EV and you leveled twice, it would only be 5 EVs.
You would only gain 10 EVs with the aid of Pokerus.

answered Jul 18, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
Basically, EV are added to your Pokemon before EXP. So, even if you level up 5 levels after beating a Pokemon that yields 1 EV, you still gain 1 EV only. Holding the Power Bracer, you'd get 5 EV once, before the EXP are added to your Pokemon.