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What kind of Pokeballs are these?

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the last three ones in this picture and the one under the Moon Ball (2 down from Ultra Ball)

are they from unova? also how do you get them?

asked Jul 25, 2011 by Hex
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Cherish balls(the red ones) are only obtainable by events & are the pokeballs that give-away pokemon are caught in. Dream balls (the last one) are like master balls that only work in the dream world.

EDIT- The yello one (before last) is a friend ball & it is used In the pal park in d/p/pt/SS/hg & always catch the pokemon in the pal park. The one under the moon ball is the gs ball (i think) & is unobtainable in the games, it is an anime ball used to catch Celebi that was to be delivered from proffessor elm to professor oak by ash.

Hope this helps :)

answered Jul 28, 2011 by Eoko
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i don't think that's the GS ball as it is Orange and has GS written on it also but thanks.
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One is a Cherish Ball that you get via Wi-Fi events and another is a Dream ball that you get from Entree Forest

answered Jul 25, 2011 by Dead Vistor
edited Jul 28, 2011 by Dead Vistor
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