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My game says the file is corrupt. How do I fix this?

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Two things happened when I turned on my game. It said this file is corrupt, and also when I walk with a Pokemon, poison affects them and the screen glitches. This is Soul Silver.

asked Aug 28, 2011 by anonymous
edited Aug 28, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
What's the problem?
never mind 4got
the game didn't glitch when your poisened because when it says that it warns that your pokemon is poisened it is ok and isnt a glitch.
the corrupted file happened in pearl but not much happened...

2 Answers

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the file being corrupted is either when you turned off the power during the save, or you cheated. hen you save your game, and don't turn off the power, the game starts normally.
The poison screen glitch is natural. It happens when the poison gives damage. In case you didn't know, poison deals damage outside of battle as well. To stop this, heal the pokemon with poison in your party.

answered Aug 28, 2011 by Skyn3t0
edited Aug 28, 2011 by Skyn3t0
i dont cheat or h4x
try making sure your game and system don't have any dust/dirt on the metal contacts.  just blow lightly on them if there is some and try again.
thanx meewec
Once my game corrupted because I accidentally pushed the game card while it was saving!
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Yes that happend to me.Yup just save your game and dont turn off your power while saving and you should be good to go:} As for the poison it is normal just go to the pokemon center if you dont soon enough your pokemon will revive the poison with only 1 hp left.

answered Aug 31, 2011 by Mr.{Shadow}
edited Sep 23, 2011 by Mr.{Shadow}