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Umbreon with both wish and curse in gen 5?

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Is there a reliable breeding chain to each an eevee (umbreon) curse AND wish? The only one I saw was smeargle sketching the moves, but where would I find those ingame? Is there a better chain that doesn't involve smeargle?

asked Aug 31, 2011 by shogungari
try the moveset searcher

1 Answer

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Smeargle is by far the easiest way to breed Curse and Wish on him.

Male Smeargle with Curse, Wish, and Whatever else you want.
Female Umbreon ... And that's all you really need for the Umbreon.

Breed it, Hatch the egg, and you'll have yourself an Eevee with Curse and Wish, just evolve it at night for an Umbreon with Curse and Wish.

answered Sep 1, 2011 by Josh